Archive of past STRAIGHT TALK LIVE CHAT Conference Calls. Click on the Title to listen to the recorded call and to view any suggested reading materials.

Dr. Sharon Vaughn- "Promoting reading for understanding" 03-June-2011
Dr. Anita Archer- "Assisting Struggling Readers in Intermediate and Middle School Grades" 06-May-2009
Dr. Louisa Moats- "Improving Teacher Education In Reading and Language: How Do We Get This Battleship to Turn?" 20-April-2009
Dr. Joe Torgesen- "Preventing Reading Difficulties in Young Children: Lessons from Successful Schools" 17-Mar-2009
Dr. Timothy Shanahan- "Differentiation of Reading Instruction" 11-Feb-2009
Dr. Patricia Mathes- "Taking Effective Intervention to Scale" 26-Jan-2009
Dr. Lucy Hart Paulson- "Building Early Literacy & Language Skills: Critical First Steps" 12-Jan-2009
Dr. Deb Glaser- "Planning Professional Development for Positive Reading Success and Growth" 11-Nov-2008
Dr. Rollanda O'Connor- "Teaching Older Poor Readers to Read words" 28-Oct-2008
Dr. Jan Hasbrouck- "Using Assessment Data for RTI Decisions" 15-Sep-2008
Dr. Sharon Vaughn- "Teaching Older Students with Reading Difficulties" 19-Aug-2008
Dr. Randy Sprick- "Introduction to School-wide and Classroom Discipline: Getting the Year off to a Great Start" 29-Jul-2008
Dr. Ed Shaprio- "RTI: What's Working?" 27-May-2008
Dr. Louisa Moats- "Teaching Those Who Teach Reading:
How We Develop Expertise"
Dr. Joe Torgesen- "Interventions for Struggling Adolescent Readers" 11-Mar-2008
Dr. Barbara Foorman- "Early Interventions for Struggling Readers" 13-Feb-2008
Dr. Marilyn Jager Adams- "Soliloquy Learning Reading Assistant " 22-May-2007
Dr. Jan Hasbrouck- "Collaborative Coaching" 20-Apr-2007
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